Chapter 8: “Uninvited guests (2)”

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Chapter 8: “Uninvited guests (2)”

In the Lin Palace grand hall, tea was being served to the guests.

Hosting the session was a good-looking man in his early thirties. He was wearing a pale blue robe, but he was seated on a wheelchair. It was such a pity that such a good man, turned out to be a cripple.

To his right sat another man wearing a light yellow silk brocade. He was handsome and had an air of arrogance. Next to him was an elegant beauty dressed in white.

“Please wait for a while Second Prince, Wu Xie has not fully recovered hence she would take some time to come over.” The man in the wheelchair politely informed his guests. He was none other than the youngest son of Jun Xian – Jun Qing.

Second Prince Mo Xuan Fei nodded with an indifferent expression. Although he was Jun Wu Xie’s fiance, during this entire time, this was actually his first time coming round to visit. What’s more, he even brought along another woman.

Jun Qing’s face naturally did not look good.

Soon, Jun Wu Yao came to the hall.

Mo Xuan Fei’s indifferent attitude dispersed immediately as he creased his forehead.

Mo Xuan Fei can be said to be one of the best looking men in the entire Kingdom of Qi, but now his fiancée Jun Wu Xie, was carried out by a man far surpassing his own league.

As Wu Xie was still recuperating, she had lost her former rosy little face. It was now slightly pale, which made her features exude a feeling, like a blooming white lotus. She was quietly nestled in the arms of a strange man. Her former domineering attitude was replaced with a delicate and charming demeanor.

Mo Xuan Fei did not like Jun Wu Xie, this was a well-known fact known throughout the entire Kingdom. Their promised marriage was only due to fear of antagonising Lin Wang as he had complete control on his Rui Lin Army.

But this does not mean that Mo Xuan Fei was happy to see his fiancee make a cuckold of him!

“And this is?” Mo Xuan Fei asked with a deep frown.

“This is Jun Wu Yao, Wu Xie’s brother”, Jun Qing subconsciously answered.

“What?!” Mo Xuan Fei expression changed for the worst. Lin Palace third generation only had one person, where did this Jun Wu Yao appear from?

Does that mean that Lin Wang had long taken precautions against the Royal family and actually concealed such an important fact? Mo Xuan Fei eyes slightly narrowed.

“No, Wu Yao is an orphan, brought up by my father who had picked him up and raised him outside. This time as Wu Xie was seriously injured, with father’s poor health and I can’t help, we decided to call Wu Yao back to take care of her.” Jun Qing replied.

They had no blood relations. Mo Xuan Fei heaved a sigh of relief. From the beginning, Mo Xuan Fei did not care about Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie slowly settled into their seats. She gave the opposite couple a casual glance, and secretly sneered. So this was the man the original Wu Xie was so fascinated with. However she had no recollection of the woman seated next to him.

“Imperial Father learned that Wu Xie is injured, so he sent some tonics over. Yun Xian happened to be around and I asked her to come by and take a look at the injury. Yun Xian is skilled in medicine and it’s better that she take a look to make sure you recover well.” His indifferent expression had already returned however whenever he mentioned that woman, he would gaze affectionately at her and his tone softened whenever he mention her name.

That look was as though he was looking at his own sweetheart.

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