Chapter 42: “Ghost City (3)”

Chapter 42: “Ghost City (3)”

The entrance to this underground market was in the backyard of this inconspicuous place.

At the backyard, an entrance with a flight of stairs could be seen leading deep down into the ground. A few men who had just climbed up the stairs looked at Jun Wu Xie, stunned for a moment.

“This kid is actually going to Ghost City alone, how rare.” They whispered amongst themselves as they left.

Ghost City was the name of the underground market.

Jun Wu Xie stepped into the dark entrance as she slowly descended the steps. When she finally reached the bottom, she was greeted by a lively sight.

Even though it was a quiet night in the Imperial City, over here it was just like another world.

The streets were bustling alive with various people selling their wares. There were no shops here, only makeshift wooden stands littered the street. These wooden stands were around half the height of a person and items are placed there for sale.

Two men were stationed at the entrance of Ghost City. They each wore a mask and only a pair of sharp and quiet eyes could be seen through the slit of the mask.

Jun Wu Xie walked over to them and they did not even blink.

“Meow?” The little black cat followed her closely as it looked at the sight before them.

[Mistress, how are we going to find a suitable cultivation technique for you?]

“If it is suitable for me, when we are near it Little Lotus would be able to sense it.” Jun Wu Xie whispered. Each cultivation technique had a small spiritual imprint and if it was suitable for the contractual spirit to cultivate it, there would be a spiritual resonance between them. This would help her in identifying it amongst this myriad of items placed in this vast marketplace.


[Are you sure that little crying idiot will be able to sense anything?]

The little black cat held the Little Lotus in contempt, whenever they met, it only knew how to cry.

“We’ll have a look around first.” Jun Wu Xie still held onto a small strand of hope.

Despite going through the huge book collection in Lin Palace, Little Lotus did not have a single reaction to any of the cultivation techniques. This was her last resort.

Ghost City was big but Jun Wu Xie was purely focused on books and had no interest in any other things as she sieved through the crowds as she carefully inspected the items on display at each stall she passed.

The only thing was…

When a group of people crowd together, the surrounding is mixed with a variety of odors, sweat, perfume and as the number of people in this marketplace was not small, this led to an increase in temperature which made it hot, humid, stuffy and smelly.

To others, they were simply too excited about the items on sale here and paid no heed to such minor discomfort.

To Wu Xie, however, this combination was driving her crazy. She wrinkled her brows as she tried her best not to get into contact with anyone as she weaved her petite body through the crowd.

This place – she will definitely not come again!

The little black cat who was nimbly following by her side could clearly feel her frazzled nerves.

For its Mistress who had an acute sense of smell, this place was simply hell.