Chapter 41: “Ghost City (2)”

Chapter 41: “Ghost City (2)”

Unfortunately, none of the books in the Resource Hall were suitable for her.

In the world of cultivation, the techniques and practices were all based on the type of contractual spirit one has.

Those with weapons and those beast type forms each have a totally different technique.

However, Jun Wu Xie’s contractual spirit did not even fall into these two conventional categories! So no matter how much she read, how much she scoured through each book, she could not find a single cultivation technique suitable for her.

If she wasn’t able to find any technique, she wouldn’t be able to cultivate her spirit energy.

Where was she to find a plant cultivation technique? This problem became a headache for her.

She bore no more hope of finding it within Lin Palace. An idea flashed through her mind.

In the memories of this body, there was a secret place hidden deep within this Imperial City.

It was an underground market which entrance was tucked in a secluded corner of the city. Many rare items which could not be found in the city could be found here, it also had many unconventional things for sale.

The only difference was that the items on sale cannot be bought with money. They could only be exchanged with something equivalent in value.

It was pure simple barter trade.

The former Wu Xie had once been there when she was on a ‘date’ with Mo Xuan Fei. She did not even know of it’s existence even though she grew up within the city walls until he had brought her there. She did not like that place as it was dark and gloomy.

However, that place was the only place she could think of now and she needed to make a trip there in hope of finding a suitable cultivation technique.

Her face was well known in the Imperial City and she needed to go there incognito. She took out various herbs, grinded some into powder, extracted some of the juices and combined them into a paste as she applied it to her face and carefully moulded and changed her face shape.

Looking in the mirror was now a young scholarly looking man. She had slightly tweaked and changed her facial features to a more masculine look and changed into a white robe.

Before going to the underground market, she needed to prepare the ‘currency’ there where ordinary silver was deemed worthless. These days she had been in the pharmacy making various elixirs and potions to nourish and aid Jun Xian and Jun Qing’s recovery. She picked a few bottles, stuffed it into her robe and snuck out of the back door in the still of the night.

The Imperial City was extremely quiet at night and although it was her first time stepping out of Lin Palace, she followed her body’s memories to the entrance of the underground market.

She stopped in front of inconspicuous restaurant. It was a humble looking place, no different from any other buildings lining the streets, sitting at the counter was a waiter who was lazily resting his head on the counter top, when he saw her, he did not say hello and continued lazing.