Chapter 21: “Body is a Treasure (2)”

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Chapter 21: “Body is a Treasure (2)”

His granddaughter was still so carefree despite experiencing so much hardships. On top of that, she even became so well behaved and sensible. This caused Jun Xian to feel conflicted and inevitably sad.

After all, having him as a grandfather was useless, although she had lost both her parents since young, as her grandfather he couldn’t even protect her and give her a stable life…

“This matter I’ll leave it to you. As long as you want to, just go for it. Just remember, as long as I am around, no one can bully you.” Jun Xian declared with a glint in his eyes. Jun Wu Xie’s change naturally made him very happy.

“Thank you, grandfather” she nodded.

“We are family, no need for such formalities! As long as you are happy, as your grandfather, I feel at ease.” If she was really interested in medicine it would be a good instead of letting her think of the scoundrel Mo Xuan Fei.

“I will ask the servants to prepare some medical books and herbs for you, if anything is lacking, just tell Uncle Fu.”

Uncle Fu was an authoritative figure in Lin Palace. He had followed Jun Xian from a young age and was second in command in the Rui Lin Army before handing down his power to Jun Wu Xie’s father. After retiring from the army, he took charge of all the household matters in the Lin Palace.

Before it was even lunch time, Uncle Fu sent the servants to send over medical books and herbs. Her room was quickly filled up with medical books and large boxes of medicinal herbs. Jun Xian even instructed for a room near her courtyard to be converted into a pharmacy.

Uncle Fu came by to check if everything was in order after which he left her room. She quickly glanced through a few books nearby. After reading a few casually, she placed them aside.

Those books that were sent to her might not be top tier medical books but they were still very rare books, but once they went through her hands, she could memorise everything and even describe an even more advanced treatment than what was described in the book.

She was despairing at this world’s medical level after experiencing first hand through those quacks, she needed to see if the herbs and treatments were any different from her previous world. Although there were some similarities, her comprehension of fusing the medicine and herbs of this world and her previous world was terrifying. In one day, she fully comprehended all of it. The books recorded most of the herbs and efficiency of this world and within a short span, she had them all clearly sorted in her mind.

[When are you going to start?]The black cat walked elegantly around the pharmacy, the room was filled with the scent of nostalgia as the fragrance of herbs filled the room. It suddenly had a flashback of its mistress seated in a similar room surrounded by various herbs and medical books as she dabbled in various prescriptions and treatments for a decade.

“I’m in no hurry.” Jun Wu Xie calmly replied as she took little lotus out. To condition and maximise Jun Xian’s and Jun Qing’s potential, she must master the effects of the Little Lotus.

The white lotus looked like a crown jewel with each petal looking like a crystal,unlike any ordinary lotus she’s ever seen. She sucked in a deep breath as she savoured this beauty with her eyes.

She took out a small lotus seed and swallowed it gracefully, what better way to test the effects than herself?

It started off with a dull and uncomfortable pain from her bones as an itching sensation took over. She narrowed her eyes as the pain became more unbearable as the feeling changed with each minute. From a dull itching sensation to a sharp knife-like pain as though someone was sharpening a knife with her bones. She was soon drenched in a thin layer of sweat as she bit her lower lip.

This feeling was worse than being stabbed by a knife!

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