Chapter 14: “Three is a crowd”

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Chapter 14: “Three is a crowd”

An Imperial edict arrived the very next day, dissolving the marriage engagement between the Second Prince and Jun Wu Xie.

Yesterday, there was speculation that the attack on the Second Prince might have been related to Jun Wu Xie. However, with the arranged marriage dissolved at such timing only proved one thing, they were definitely related!

Within the Imperial City, Jun Wu Xie’s reputation had hit a bottom low. After the rumours spread, she was said to be the most vicious woman at the tip of everyone’s tongue. Many women, who were also smitten by the Second Price’s handsome looks, berated her actions endlessly.

All these chaos enveloped the perimeter of Lin Palace walls. Inside, all was tranquil. She cooped herself up in her room, busy studying her own white lotus contractual spirit.

In the Lin Palace study, Jun Xian was enraged, suppressing the urge to tear the Imperial edict up into shreds. “Good! Very good! Now that I’m old and useless, everyone thinks they can bully my granddaughter!” His clenched his teeth as he gripped the edict tightly in his hands.

Jun Qing had told him of the previous day’s happenings and although he expected the imperial edict to arrive sooner or later, he didn’t think it would have been at such a crucial timing. Receiving the edict at such time will only let the rumours run amok with speculations that Jun Wu Xie had a hand in the attack.

Although Jun Xian knew his granddaughter had an arrogant attitude, he knew she didn’t have the guts to kill anyone. Not to mention she was at home throughout the whole time to recuperate, she hadn’t left the house even once, how could she have engaged anyone to attack Mo Xuan Fei?

The chaotic grapevine even involved the Rui Lin Army saying that she had engaged them to help her with her little revenge. How was this even possible? Despite his excessive fawning over her and although the Rui Lin Army was his own troops, he had an upright and strict character. Not once had he ever let her be in contact with the troops, let alone give her precedence over such a great power.

Mo Xuan Fei had yet to recover from the shock of the attack and yet the edict was sent out. This couldn’t help but make others think that the Lin Palace was involved in this and rendered a great black mark towards the Lin Palace.

“Father, are we going to tell her all these things that are happening?” Jun Qing’s sullen face was apparent. He hated the fact that he was crippled and he had no power to protect his family.

Jun Xian shook his head. “You can’t tell her anything! Knowing her temper, what kind of ruckus would she cause? Also her body has not fully healed. His Majesty has appointed me to lead the investigations of the attack on the Second Prince. I will find out the truth and clear her name of all charges!” After serving his country loyally for so many years, this was what he was repaid with. His two sons were sacrificed in the process, one died in battle, while the other was crippled.

He only had his precious granddaughter left but with the Imperial decree, it washed her reputation down the drain. Who else would dare to marry her after such treatment by the Royal family?

“His Majesty, you are really very heartless.” Jun Xian whispered as he closed his eyes wearily.

It was apparent that the Lin Palace had not much hope for the future, but they even wanted to involve his only granddaughter in this power struggle.

Jun Qing lowered his head in silence and bit his lower lip as he unconsciously clenched his hands on his pair of wasted legs.

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