Chapter 36 : Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique (2)

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Chapter 36 : Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique (2)

This situation had happened many times in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. There were many talented beginners that believed in the same idea. First, cultivate using the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law to sprint through the early stages; then, wait until the merit law was no longer effective; lastly, change to a different merit law. However, once these geniuses were trapped in this ideology, they could never shake off the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law because the way this merit law moved blood energy was completely different from any other Life Wheel merit laws.

This was the reason why, later on, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect no longer agreed for disciples to practice this method. Disciples with great inner talents were completely forbidden from doing so.

“I have my own plan.”

Li Qi Ye smiled and didn’t say anything else. Of course, he couldn’t reveal the secret of this merit law. If other people knew that he had perfected the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, then the consequences could only be imagined!

Nan Huai Ren knew that Li Qi Ye wasn’t an ignorant person, nor arrogant, but he didn’t understand where Li Qi Ye’s confidence was coming from regarding this topic.

“I heard second brother is coming in a few days!”

Nan Huai Ren mainly came today to bring Li Qi Ye this message.

Li Qi Ye lightly nodded, and did not inquire further. He was not concerned about this second brother, the disciple of the Sect Master, that Nan Huai Ren spoke of.


After Nan Huai Ren’s departure, Li Qi Ye, once again, diligently immersed himself in his cultivation. Although he already had the unparalleled arts of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law and the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, he was not lazy in the slightest.

Palace Expansion also had three stages. First, Merit Law’s Building; second, Essence Development; third, Earth’s Extension.

A grand completion of Palace Foundation meant that: both Life Wheel and Fate Palace merit laws were finalized, and the Dao basics of the Life Wheel and Fate Palace were successfully forged.

At this moment, Li Qi Ye could choose to cultivate different merit laws, no matter if it was a Fate Palace, Life Wheel, or Physique method.

The next method would be dependent on the finalized merit laws; this was why cultivators called the first stage, Merit Law’s Building.

However, Li Qi Ye wasn’t in a rush to start a new method; he wanted to perfect the Invisible Dual Blades as well as strengthening his Physique, making it powerful.

To a cultivator, a powerful Life Wheel and Fate Palace was not enough, he would also need a powerful Physique.

The Life Wheel and Fate Palace were determined by the heavens, no one could change that; but the Physique was different, it could be improved through cultivation.

Natural Physiques also varied greatly. The Mortal Physique was the weakest while the Immortal Physique was the best. Cultivators differentiated between Physiques from weak to strong with the following: Mortal Physique, Houtian Physique, Xiantian Physique, Emperor Physique, Saint Physique, and Immortal Physique.

One could be born with a Mortal Physique, Houtian Physique, Xiantian Physique, Emperor Physique, or Saint Physique; but it could not be an Immortal Physique, because it was the pinnacle of all Physiques. From the ancient times until the present, no one had ever heard of a natural Immortal Physique.

For the constitution, the Xiantian Physique was the determining factor of whether one could successfully cultivate his Physique into a higher level. If this was the case, then there was a chance that one could eventually successfully cultivate into an Emperor Physique, Saint Physique, or even an Immortal Physique.

However, the Houtian Physique did not have that possibility. For example, the Golden Hawk Physique of Xu Hui belonged to the Sky Eagle Physique family and was considered to be a powerful Houtian Physique.

Through cultivation, the Golden Hawk Physique could eventually reach the state of Heavenly Hawk Physique or even its highest state, Immortal Hawk Physique. Although this last state was not weaker than an Emperor Physique, this Houtian type of Physique would never be able to obtain the pinnacle state of Immortal Physique.

Evolving from the Golden Hawk Physique to Heavenly Hawk Physique was a strengthening process, while going from a Xiantian Physique to an Emperor Physique was a rise in rank and essence.

Emperor Physiques and Saint Physiques also had many limitations. For example, the Emperor Golden Bull Physique was a strong Physique within its family and could rise to the rank of Overlord Physique through cultivation, but cultivators could not cultivate it into their own special Physique, even if it was the same rank.

Physiques given by the body would remain the same type, even with cultivation; no merit law nor high ranking Physique method could change that.

However, the Heaven’s creations were mysterious and magical! Although the Golden Hawk Physique and Emperor Golden Bull Physique couldn’t escape their limitations no matter how heaven defying the cultivation method was; there was one Physique capable of the ordeal. A Physique that was dismissed by many people, the Mortal Physique!

One could cultivate the Mortal Physique into the Golden Hawk Physique, the Emperor Golden Bull Physique, and even an Immortal Physique in the legends. Before cultivation, the mortal body was not limited by any factors.

Whereas the Houtian Physique, with a natural fire attribute, must find a method with a similar affinity. If a fire attribute picked a water Physique cultivation method, it would create a fatal dissonance for one’s cultivation.

The Mortal Physique did not have such a requirement; before the cultivation road, one could pick any Physique building method.

Of course, to rise from a Mortal Physique to a Houtian or Xiantian Physique was not an easy task. The cultivator required a formidable Physique method, as well as a willpower that was ten times higher than others; lastly, a high grade Physique paste was necessary. The higher the grade and quantity, the better.

This was why, to successfully increase the rank of a Mortal Physique into a Xiantian Physique, would be a monumental task; monstrous efforts must be exerted.

This was the reason no one in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wished to invest in someone with a Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace like Li Qi Ye; any Physique method or high grade Physique pastes used on such an average person would be a waste.

Li Qi Ye realized that his chosen road would be extremely torturous, but his heart had not wavered ever since he got his hands on the Physique Scripture, one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures; a treasure that was craved even by Immortal Emperors.

If someone had successfully done it in the past, then Li Qi Ye knew that he was capable as well. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Immortal Emperor Min Ren had many descendants; they believed that his Immortal Physique was natural gifted by the heavens, but Li Qi Ye knew that these words were completely nonsense. He single handedly nurtured Min Ren so he was aware of all the facts, that Immortal Emperor Min Ren was not born with an Emperor Physique, or a Saint Physique, but a Mortal Physique. This fact would be hard for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to accept, but this was the truth. When Min Ren was younger, Li Qi Ye taught him one of the Nine Heavenly Scriptures. The word “Yang”, meaning the sun, was the chosen Physique method for Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Thus, he successfully cultivated one of the twelve Immortal Physiques.

Today, Li Qi Ye opened the Physique Scripture; all of the esoteric incantations regarding it appeared in his mind. From the past till the present, no one had ever grasped the mysteries of the Physique Scripture more than Li Qi Ye; thus, he was able to create a number of legends.

From the Desolate Era until now, he was never lax when it came to researching the Physique Scripture. Especially during the time when the Black Dragon King ruled the land, this was when his mastery reached its peak. Until later, his situation had a complication and thus, he had no choice but to command the Black Dragon King to erase all of his memories regarding the Physique Scripture.

The Physique Scripture had a total of six incantations: Yin and Yang, Hardness and Softness, Pure and Taint!

Even though the Physique Scripture only had six incantations, they were the ultimate evolution of the mysterious truths in all of the Physiques. In the distant era, there were twelve Immortal Physiques, but no one knew that they originated from the Physique Scripture.

Once one reached the grand understanding for any of the six words; each word would give birth to two different Immortal Physiques and a cultivator could only pick one from the two.

For example, Immortal Emperor Min Ren was taught the word “Yang” by Li Qi Ye . There were two Immortal Physiques that stemmed from the word “Yang” at grand completion; Immortal Solar Physique and Immortal Light Physique. Min Ren was able to cultivate the Immortal Solar Physique.

After generations of deductions and numerous years of studies and understanding, Li Qi Ye realized that the Physique Scripture could cultivate any Physique, but there were no Physiques stronger than the twelve Immortal Physiques.

At this moment, Li Qi Ye had decided to cultivate the word “Taint” to grand completion, to the extreme. He wanted to cultivate the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique from the twelve Immortal Physiques.

Li Qi Ye knew that the process to reach grand completion for the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique would be very long; it was not something that could be done in one day and one night. A fast completion would be a few hundred years, while a slow completion would be a few thousand to ten thousands of years.

However, he had extreme confidence in himself. Even if he was born with a Mortal Physique, through perseverance and willpower, one day, he would be a practitioner with the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique.

The Physique Scripture surfaced in the mind of Li Qi Ye. He controlled the incantations of the word “Taint” like an unstoppable river into his Fate Palace.

His True Fate that was absorbing the blood energy earlier was now also absorbing the mysterious truths of the word “Taint”. Polished by the True Fate, the mysteries of the word “Taint” were being integrated into his blood. At this point, his body was startled, and it seemed like everything had become slow, as if time had stopped.

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