Chapter 10 : Brutal (2)

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Chapter 10 : Brutal (2)

The news about Li Qi Ye and Du Yuan Guang’s fight was intentionally spread by the disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate; word of this quickly traveled through the whole sect.

Du Yuan Guang possessed considerable influence and popularity within the sect for reaching Provision Palace stage in five years after he was admitted. Here, he was considered a genius; at the current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, he would be a genius amongst geniuses.

Even the seniors who heard about this challenge were surprised.

“Challenging Du Yuan Guang?”

“He is the inheriting disciple of Protector Hua. Even though his Golden Wolf Physique has only reached Houtian, it is still a formidable type. What is the current cultivation level of the prime disciple of Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?”

Some of the disciples who had never heard of Li Qi Ye were quite intrigued.

“Ha, Senior Sheng worries too much! That sect is average at best and without any experts. Their prime disciple is a piece of trash. Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace. He had only joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for two days. He had only practiced martial techniques; even the most elementary merit laws eluded him.”

A disciple mockingly answered.

After hearing this news, the seniors who didn’t know Li Qi Ye before became even more perplexed. A martial artist challenging a cultivator? He must be tired of living!

“This is just like the young deer that’s not scared of a tiger, how sad!”[1]

A lot of the seniors lost their interest because they believed the fight would end after a single move.

Du Yuan Guang only needed one swing and everything would be finished.

This news also reached the ears of a few sectional leaders and protectors. They shook their heads while they contemplated about the implications.

One of the protectors spoke up in an aloof and cold manner.

“Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Killing one trash isn’t something to be proud about, however, if the idiotic Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s juniors wish to challenge us, let this be a lesson.”

This comment caused some protectors and sectional leaders to knit their eyebrows. It was still an Immortal Emperor sect after all. Currently, it still had Emperor level cultivation methods and, more importantly, the inheritance of the Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Everyone has been watching that sect like a hungry tiger, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Realistically, the Nine Saint Demon Gate only had to mobilize their protectors in order to rob the Emperor merit laws, but the current Demon King had never revealed his thoughts about the topic. This caused the upper echelons to remain silent as well. If only the Demon King would give the order, someone would immediately travel and destroy the sect right away, with zero hesitation.

While the upper echelons were still pondering, Li Qi Ye was standing on top of the battle stage. There was quite a crowd gathered for this event. They just wanted to see what kind of torture methods would be employed by Du Yuan Guang.

When Du Yuan Guang stepped onto the battle stage, a disciple loudly yelled:

“Senior Du, use one sword swing to chop off his head!”

Another chimed in:

“One sword strike is too merciful towards him. He dared to insult Senior Li and our sect; you have to flay him piece by piece.”

A senior opened his mouth:

“Death is the only result for insulting our sect. Junior Du, do not rush. Slice off his hands and feet but do not kill him. Wait for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to come and apologize for him. Let the whole Grand Middle Territory, no, even the whole Mortal Emperor World know the consequences of opposing us.”

On the battle stage, Li Qi Ye stared at Du Yuan Guang and teased:

“The Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples can only use words? You guys are indeed experts at using your mouths.”

“Idiotic animal, I only need one sword strike to remove your head from your body.”

Cold as ice, Du Yuan Guang lifted his chin and looked down on his opponent.

“If you want to fight then fight, so much time wasted!”

Li Qi Ye casually responded. His left hand griped his blade tightly. He lifted it horizontally and pointed the edge towards Du Yuan Guang and proclaimed:

“Make your move.”


Infuriated by Li Qi Ye’s fearless attitude, Du Yuan Guang made his move. A sword strike that felt like it could destroy the surrounding space lashed out; it was as fast as lightning. The energy aura sharply leapt towards the heart of Li Qi Ye, which was accompanied by the endless anger of Du Yuan Guang.

Li Qi Ye did not take a step back; he instead moved forward. With each step he took, the blade in his left hand and moved like a heavenly serpent. It quickly deflected the sword technique to the side.

A sharp noise, indicating successful contact with the flesh, filled the arena; Du Yuan Guang’s sword — although it did not hit Li Qi Ye’s heart — had pierced his left shoulder.


Du Yuan Guang smirked until he saw that, as his sword was still in Li Qi Ye’s left shoulder, his opponent’s right hand started moving. In the blink of an eye, even Du Yuan Guang did not see the movement of Li Qi Ye’s blade.


The blade strike was too swift; it invoked mysterious truths that nothing else could compare to. No one saw the trajectory of the move. The Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples were cheering loudly when they saw Du Yuan Guang’s sword connect.


The same second, when the sword met the left shoulder, Nan Huai Ren and Protector Mo finally arrived. Protector Mo saw the sword’s connection and yelled out:

“Please lower your sword and spare him!”

One second later, blood dripped down from the throat of Du Yuan Guang. Then all of a sudden, it splurted out as his body slowly fell to the ground. Mercilessly, Li Qi Ye had thrown both of his blades using the “Invisible Dual Blades” technique.

“Phap… Phap…”

Du Yuan Guang’s body was crossed by the path of the two blades as they magically intersected each other; dividing his body into five pieces before it hit the ground completely. Blood filled the arena.

Du Yuan Guang’s eyes flashed hints of bewilderment and regrets. He did not understand how he had fallen. How would he know that the technique of Li Qi Ye was honed by Immortal Emperor Min Ren himself. Although it could not compare to Emperor level merit laws, a martial technique sharpened by an Immortal Emperor could not be underestimated.

The more frightening fact was that Li Qi Ye grasped the mysterious truths of this technique. From the ancient era until now; only the Emperor and Li Qi Ye have fully understood the principles behind the move. At this level, this technique could even slay a Royal Noble.

Du Yuan Guang went into the match while underestimating his opponent; he did not have any defense ready. There was no way he could dodge the peerless strike. Li Qi Ye traded his left shoulder in order to execute this move.

Right now, the whole battle stage was completely silent. The laughters and jeers disappeared. It seemed like time had froze.

Nan Huai Ren’s jaws dropped to the floor. He hurried here in order to save Li Qi Ye, but he couldn’t imagine that Li Qi Ye only needed one slash to dismember his opponent’s body.

Li Qi Ye was slowly removing the magical sword from his shoulder. The noise of the sword cutting against his bone shrieked softly, but Li Qi Ye showed no emotion or pain. He had experienced much worse pains in the past. He threw the sword away and stepped outside of the ring. He looked around and saw the crowd. Showing a dejected and regretful expression, he said:

“It seems like my blade technique is still missing something; I had to trade a strike, and now, I am hurt.”

Remembering what had just occurred, Nan Huai Ren’s jaws was still hugging the floor. It wouldn’t be surprising for it to be dislocated after staying agape for so long. One blade to kill a cultivator and he was pretending to be sad? This fella was shameless!

As for the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples, their souls had not yet returned to their bodies. Du Yuan Guang was a genius amongst his peers, but he was instantly mutilated by his opponent!

Protector Mo was the first to regain his composure. He immediately covered Li Qi Ye’s wound to stop the blood flow, and he gravely said:

“Go, now.”

He carried Li Qi Ye and left the arena while Nan Huai Ren followed right behind them.

After settling Li Qi Ye down, Protector Mo just sat there aimlessly. Right now, he didn’t have the time to think about how Li Qi Ye killed Du Yuan Guang. He was devastated about the consequences of killing a disciple from the Nine Saint Demon Gate. This was a huge disaster.

Nan Huai Ren, on the other hand, was treating the wound of Li Qi Ye with a special silver paste. Then, he applied bandages around the shoulder. His mind still wondered about what happened.

“How is it possible for a martial technique to kill a Provisional Palace expert?”

He had seen Li Qi Ye practice the move before. Although it was admirable, he didn’t truly care for it since it was only a martial technique.

“That is only because you do not understand the truth.”

Comfortably relaxing in his chair, Li Qi Ye was pleased with Nan Huai Ren’s confused expression.

[1] Another proverb, meaning that a person is too naive to recognize danger

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